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That's right! I'm going to Jail. Welcome to my site, ALL about me, what i like, what i feel, my past, present and future! My pics, videos, archives, ALL 100% exposed to my members! Take my tour, join and help me get out of Jail! XOXO Janine.
Oct 2008, Janine Lindemulder was sentenced to 6 months in a federal prison and an 6 months of probation at a government supervised 'halfway' house.

Tax Evasion from the year 2000 to present was the reason. Aka, the IRS! Janine has opened this website as a medium for her thoughts, experiences, artistic expressions both nude and nonude, in photos and video, for members to see and enjoy.

While in Jail, Janine will be adding to her blog as often as she can, at the same time her site will be updated with fresh, recently done photos and videos, that Janine shot just before she was sent to JAIL. In addition, Janine's site will feature an extensive archive of her past debuts, work as an adult actress: in print, web, and film, all updated regularly. Please take a look around and see for yourself a sampling of what is inside the member's area! Enjoy and Help Free Janine!
Janine is OUT!!!

Hi….Rico here.
I wanted to officially give you guys and gals the great news that Janine is out of prison, if you haven’t already heard.
She’s happy as hell and she can’t wait to talk to you and personally thank you for your support.
She also can’t wait to get back involved with her website as soon as [...]

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August 18, 2009 by admin, Comments: 55

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Do You Belive This Bullshit? - March 20, 2010
Janine is making world news as her ex-husband Jesse James cheats on Sandra Bullock and is exposed. These folks below believe Janine had a hand in this. We at FreeJanine.com are laughing our asses off at the lies being spread by the mainstream press. She's still locked away in that halfway house in Oregon but you can help her directly by joining now.

Jesse James, Sandra Bullock's hubby, has now apologized for his "bad judgment" following reported stories about kinky sex with tattooed porn hussy Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Could it get any worse for the lovable Bullock, who just won her Oscar?

Sources who know Bullock quite well say they have good reason to believe the tabloid stories breaking right now are not just Jesse and Michelle's doing:

"I guarantee you Jesse's ex wife, Janine Lindemulder (Janine Aikman), had a hand in this," claims a longtime professional colleague. "[Jesse and Janine] hate each other, and remember, there was that horrible custody fight."

June 08, 2009
The Transexual diva: "Vaniity" is NOW on FreeJanine.com! She was shot in video and photo with Janine in high definition! Janine's comments are also online regarding her experience with Vaniity. That GOTS to be some heavy stuff... i mean, dude, girl, uh, girl girl? Regardless, u have to see it... Vaniity will be on the Howard Stern show on Tuesday June 9 at 8:30 am EST. She will be talking about her torrid sex scene with Janine and how they both felt as it happened. WOOOOW.... Plus I think Stern as some surprise deal in regards to this, so u have to watch it... :) Be sure to tune in to Stern and sign up to see the FULL videos here at Freejanine.com! :)

June 05, 2009
We just learned that Janine will be released on July 13th! Holy Tax Break FreeJaniners! That is pretty great news, as it really does mean, FREE JANINE! Now we have to get that whole tax thing behind her... but the good thing is to see what she pulls off when she gets back into getting new stuff for her site, PLUS... what all went on inside? Even though she was blogging the whole time, i assume it was just the basics, since most of her stuff was censored.... GULP...

June 05, 2009
We also just learned that Janine's "LOST archives", have been found! Over 100 photo sets and 50 videos will be released from time to time, inside FREEJANINE.com! CUMMING VERY SOON! That means this site will be the LARGEST online archive of Janine Lindemulder (aka Janine James) ever! Holy Tax Haven FreeJaniners!

MARCH / 18 / 2009
Janine mentioned a number of exciting scenes and photo sets we shot for freejanine.com when she did her phone interview with Howard Stern as she was driven to federal prison on March 10th.
We have some exciting stuff coming your way and we know you won’t be disappointed if you stick around. We will be adding these as updates 3 days a week. We will have some knock out surprises she didn’t mention. In addition we will put up her favorite 54 scenes from all her Vivid movies. Right now we are in the process of adding 25 Vivid scenes over the next few days and will then add one a week as an update over the coming months. One big thing she mentioned on Howard was her walk on the wild side. She did hardcore video and photos with the most beautiful tranny on the planet, Vanity. So don’t go away. We’ll entertain you and turn you on, and maybe shock some of you. Would you expect anything less from Janine?
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